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Omaxe Chandni Chowk: The New Era

Omaxe Chandni Chowk: The New Era

The capital city, famous for being the capital obviously and also the rich heritage, culture, and beautiful locations. More than this, we all know Delhi is a fast-growing city in India and always moving ahead with infrastructural development. One such upcoming project is Omaxe Chandni Chowk Delhi. This project is spread over 4.4 acres of area, and no doubt will be breathtakingly elegant once ready.

This upcoming  Omaxe Mall will be more beautiful, more eye-catching, more high quality than any other mall in our capital city. This premium project is owned by Omaxe projects Delhi. Omaxe group is already very much known for the best and elegant services all over Delhi. With the high-end facilities and high-class looks, Omaxe projects are ready to bring a new Chandni chowk era. As India's leading real estate company, it is bringing you one of the finest malls in Chandni chowk.

This project offers a wide range of job opportunities. If you are someone looking to set up a commercial shop, retail space, or any kind of food court with some recreational zones, this might be your opportunity to seize. Exciting prospects for entrepreneurs to explore new business ideas and take the Omaxe project to a different level. A family-owned business, a traditional company, can also discover and expand its business through this project.

The various features of this upcoming new place are: -
· Modern and sophisticated design
· Up to date safe and secure safety measures
· CCTV surveillance all over
· Freshwater supply
· Reception
· Perfect location
· Parking space for more than 2100 cars and elevator facilities
· High-quality space
· Transportation facility nearby
· Easy access to the tourist information center
· Special zones for kids
· Dedicated pick up and drop off taxies

The perfect location

Omaxe chowk, the gateway to Chandni chowk, is located right in the middle of a great shopping destination. With its boundaries well connected to heritage places, it is very accessible to reach. The Chandni chowk metro station being nearby, railway station at a walking distance it makes it very much reachable to all the public.

This Omaxe mall will be surrounded by heritage monuments such as Red Fort, Jama Masjid, and many more, where millions of people, tourists visit daily. Hardayal Municipal Heritage Public Library is just 900m distance. All these landmarks nearby work as assets for the upcoming business in Chandni chowk.  

Revisiting the history of Chandni Chowk

This leading real estate business is all set to give a new identity to Chandni chowk. They want to use the beautiful interiors inspired by Mughals, British and Indian culture to recreate Chandni chowk. The picture of Chandni chowk will change. Omaxe group, with its team, is ready to make this already aesthetic place a little more elegant. It will be an epicenter and grandeur for growth and business. The heart of the city is all set to see more wonders.
Highlights of Omaxe Chandni chowk

This upcoming mall has already made its way into one of the beautiful and elegant malls of Delhi with a touch of historic elements. No matter how many features we list down, there is still space for more and more. Apart from its beauty, there are many more highlights to this building.
· Multifunctional rooftop
· Large space for loading and unloading
· Smart resource usage
· Water management system
· Vertical gardens
· 5 stars rated green building
· Historic impression in 21st century

If you are a potential businessman looking for opportunities, Asia's largest wholesale and retail hub, Chandni chowk, will provide you the opportunity you are looking for. Omaxe mall is your chance at growing your business in the capital of the city.